Nomination Instructions


1/ all nominations to be considered for the current year must be submitted to reach the CMHoF by the closing date as posted on the web site. All late nominations with be considered for the following year or years.

2/ the inductee candidate must, without compromise, meet the fundamental eligibility criteria of:

  1. Having achieved excellence in one or more competitive disciplines and/or:
  2. Have made, or is making, significant contribution(s) to the well-being, advancement and/or the general positive image of motorcycling in CANADA.

3/ The CMHoF Nominating Committee will scrutinize the submitted nominations and required documentation, and if all the required information is not included, the nomination package will be returned to the nominator for completion. This could delay the nomination coming before the Selection Committee, so please assure that all the required information is included with the official Nomination form.

***Please note that acceptance into the CMHoF is not determined by the physical weight of the material sent with the Nomination Form. Please don’t send  DVD’s or videos. Rather than sending copies of awards, a list of accomplishments is all that is necessary at time of submission.  If more information is required, you will be contacted by a member of the Nominating Committee.

4/ unless the Nominee is deceased, all living Nominees must be able to attend the Induction Ceremony.

5/ if the Nominee is a competitor, he or she must have been retired from Professional Competition for 3 years (excepting Vintage Racing), OR has competed for at least 25 years.

6/ you must submit with the Nomination the following:

  1. A short biography of 1–3 typed pages, including the years during which the nominee achieved their major accomplishments: the specific races and championships won; when organizational events or contributions to the advancement of motorcycling in Canada took place, or the years of operation and contribution to motorcycling in Canada if the nominee is a club, association or other organization.
  2. 1 or 2 significant, identifiable photos of the nominee, suitable for publication, preferably at least one of the nominee engaged in the activity for which they are being nominated.
  3. Printed articles or any other documents that describe the accomplishments of the Nominee.
  4. Letters of reference from a third party (not a relative).

7/ The CMHoF traditionally prepare press releases on each inductee to advertise the Induction Ceremony and introduce the new Honoree to the public. The information required therefore should answer the 5 “W’s” of good journalism:

Who, What, When, Where and Why? Please keep this in mind when assembling the Nomination package.