The Bar & Hedy Hodgson Award encourages preservation of our Canadian motorcycling heritage by honouring a person, group or organization making a significant contribution to the preservation of that heritage.

The Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that the Vintage Off Road Festival has been selected as recipient of the award for 2016.

Organized by Joan Darlington and Steve Tucker, this annual event brings our history to life by enacting competitions as they were run back in their heyday and recognizing and honouring guests from the past including many Hall of Fame inductees. Walking through the pits is like a visit to a live museum with a multitude of vintage machines partnered with very approachable and enthusiastic racers of all ages. The creation of wide-open, natural terrain old-school grass tracks go back in time and display motocross as it once was when it was known as Scrambles. Many dead-start events are run for young and old competitors alike on the old bikes, tough for the old riders and educational for the young, but this is motorcycling history in action.

“We are delighted to recognize Joan Darlington and Steve Tucker and the Vintage Off Road Festival for the preservation of Canadian motorcycling history,” noted the Hall of Fame Chair, Dave Munroe. “This Festival is a wonderful contribution to our heritage and to the history of Canadian competition that past and future generations will continue to enjoy.”

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Founded by Bar and Hedy Hodgson in 1999, the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame preserves and promotes Canadian motorcycle history for the benefit of the motorcycling community and public.  Sponsored in part by the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC), the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame is a non-profit association with charitable status.  It is governed by an independent board of volunteer directors representing every region of the country. Since the first induction banquet in Toronto in 2006, over 100 distinguished motorcyclists and organizations have been inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

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