Lise Sculland – Hall of Fame for 2017

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame is pleased to announce another Member of the Class of 2017.  Lise Sculland will be honoured at the 12th annual Induction Banquet and Reunion which takes place November 4th, 2017 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel.

Lise ScullandLise Sculland began her long and amazing riding career in 1955 by dropping her immaculate bike, a 1954 Harley KH, on her first attempt. Some riders who have had similar experiences never got back on a bike again, but Lise has never been a quitter!  Now, 60+ years later, with hundreds of thousands of miles under her belt, she is still riding and loving it! Perhaps it was this early experience that motivated her to encourage and mentor other new riders, especially females, to seek and enjoy the pleasure that riding motorcycles safely brings.

In 1964, Lise became very actively involved with a well known and highly respected group of female motorcycle enthusiasts called the “Motor Maids.” This amazing group, formed in 1940 by Linda Dugeau in the US, has played an important role in attracting female riders into the sport of motorcycle riding. Lise has been an active member and supporter of this organization for well over 50 years. In 2016, she was presented with the Motor Maids’ prestigious “Golden Life Award” for her outstanding contributions to motorcycling. Lise has played a significant role in the success of this group, even rising to the position of International Vice President for Canada.

Recently her dedication and service to fellow riders was recognized by Prime Minister Trudeau who presented her with an award for her outstanding contributions as a Canadian. She has for many years served as an ambassador for motorcycling and as a model for others in this sport.

The Chair of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Board and all the Directors, are pleased and honoured to welcome Lise Sculland to the Class of 2017.

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