2016 Inductees

Back row: Carl Vaillancourt, Miguel Duhamel, Eric Bouchard representing his late father, Leo Bouchard, Gary McKinnon, Pascal Picotte,
Front row: Peter Hurst, Carlo Paladino, Buddy Ford Sr., Serge Huard


Ormstown Offroad Vintage Festival – Bar and Hedy Hodgson Award

Every motorcycle enthusiast needs to walk through the pits at a vintage race. It is like a live museum of a multitude of vintage machines, partnered with very approachable and enthusiastic racers of all ages. Steve Tucker, a Canadian who won many AHRMA Motocross races in the 1990’s and 2000’s on his 440 BSA was at a Vintage MX trials event with Eric Pritchard at “The Farm” in Chehalis, Washington, one of their favourite events; a weekend of racing, supper in a barn and great guest speakers like Dick Mann and Jeff Smith.  An American asked if … [Read more...]

Miguel Duhamel

Montreal’s Miguel Duhamel, now based in Las Vegas, is certainly one of the best road racers ever produced in Canada.  He is central in the discussion surrounding Canada’s top ever International competitor, along with earlier era stars like Mike Duff as well as Miguel’s legendary father, Yvon. Miguel, along with older brother Mario and sister Gina, learned to ride on mini bikes at an early age, often in public, at race events where father Yvon was working, representing Deeley Yamaha, Yamaha Canada, and especially Kawasaki.  From there, Miguel … [Read more...]

Pascal Picotte

Pascal Picotte grew up just south of Montreal in Granby, Quebec, near one of the more popular race track of the 1970s and 1980s, Sanair International.  Pascal’s initiation into motorcycle racing came via Michel Mercier’s FAST Racing School – a relationship that would prove key just years later. By the time he was 18, Picotte was the top ranked Amateur road racer in Canada, competing in the Yamaha contingency supported lightweight production and Cup classes aboard RZ350 and FZR400 machinery in 1988. As a rookie Pro in 1989, Picotte took … [Read more...]

Serge Huard

Every effective movement needs a spark, a catalyst, a leader who can articulate the needs and ambitions of the group in order to achieve its desired result. In Quebec that leader came forward almost 30 years ago in response to a provocation that all motorcyclists of the province found shocking, but he was the one able to rally the crowd and provide it with a clear public voice of opposition. His name is Serge Huard. In the spring of 1988 an announcement by the Quebec government automobile insurance board, the SAAQ, pledged to increase … [Read more...]

Peter Hurst

Peter Hurst started learning about engine building at age 15 after buying a 1950 BSA C11 which he blew up numerous times. Then came a 1950 BSA 500 which he also blew up and learned twin cylinder rebuilds. He purchased a 1954 BSA 350, put in a used 500 Gold Star motor and it became one of the original “Café Racers.” Over the next couple of years, Peter made his money looking after the Rockers’ (his gang) Triumphs, Nortons and BSAs both repairing and building café racers out of wrecks. At 21, Peter married, sold the Gold Star and a couple of … [Read more...]

Carl Vaillancourt

Carl Vaillancourt began riding around the local gravel pits on the outskirts of Drummondville, Quebec, in the late 70s when he was seven years old.  A few years before, his older brother Pierre was begging their father, Real, to get a 50cc moped to ride around town but Dad felt it was too dangerous and he was right but OK about letting his son ride at the family cottage in a field. Sure enough, a few weeks later the first dirt bike entered the Vaillancourt’s family and that was the beginning of a new passion. Carl started racing in the … [Read more...]

Buddy Ford Sr.

Back in the fifties, everyone knew the name of Buddy Ford in Canada. In his home town of Trois Rivières, he was the local hero, the man that every kid in the street wanted to be when he grew up. He was an outstanding performer in almost every aspect of Canadian motorcycling. Buddy was a nickname his friends gave him around the age of 16.  His real name is Edward Ford, but everybody calls him Buddy even now at the age of 83.  Buddy Senior was born on June 22nd 1933 in Portneuf, Quebec where some of his family owned and operated the paper … [Read more...]

Carlo Paladino

Carlo Paladino charged onto Canadian shores in the summer of 1963 like a blast of wind from across the Mediterranean. What brought him here is a love story. He and his childhood sweetheart, Maria Carnevale, had grown up in the small hilltop town of Santa Croce di Magliano in southern Italy. Maria and her family emigrated to Canada in 1961 but Carlo was bound by two years of compulsory service with the Italian military. Finally, as spring was turning into summer in 1963, Carlo arrived in Montreal and they were married a few months later. With … [Read more...]

Gary McKinnon

A fiercely competitive spirit has distinguished Gary McKinnon's road racing career that now extends 46 seasons. With his eyes set on the half-century mark, Gary continues his winning ways at Atlantic Motorsport Park on a wide variety of machinery that spans the period from vintage to modern. Gary and his twin brother, Glen grew up around their home town of Truro, Nova Scotia and in the summer of 1964 they got there first ride on a motorbike and were hooked. In 1970 they heard about motorcycle racing at the military airport in … [Read more...]

Leo Bouchard

Leo Bouchard had a long, involved and passionate history with the sport of motorcycling in the province of Quebec. He was one of those few people whom you could honestly say became a “legend.” Leo truly embodied the spirit of motorcycling. His enthusiasm and energy were infectious and evident in everything that he did. The Harley-Davidson brand and his retail store, Leo Harley-Davidson experienced phenomenal growth over the years and the man whose name was above the door was the main reason for that success. Leo was obsessed with the sport … [Read more...]

Bruce Hickey

Bruce Hickey hailed from Drummondville, Quebec and rose to fame very quickly. He got a taste of what two wheels and an engine can do on a 74 Indian Chief at age 15. Then came a 500cc Matchless and Bruce had quite a time of it, turning a few back roads into a miniature Isle of Man; he soon knew that this was what he really loved. When war came, Bruce joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and became a fighter pilot in a Typhoon Squadron often flight detailed into enemy territory where he successfully shot down a number of German fighter … [Read more...]

Jack Canfield

Known throughout the Maritimes as Atlantic Canada’s motorsports icon, Jack Canfield was a motorcycle and car racer, the driving force behind the construction and development of Atlantic Motorsport Park, an international ambassador for Canadian motorsport and a mentor to literally hundreds of competitors. He started racing motorcycles at age 14 in the 40’s, and collected trophies for victories in scrambles, hill climbs, trials and dirt-track races. In the 1950’s he continued to pile up the wins in Nova Scotia. In 1959 he began his road … [Read more...]