Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - Inductees to The Class of 2014


Back row (Left to right): Ross Metcalfe, representing inductee Manitoba Motorcycle Club; Steve Drane; Glenn Turple, also representing inductee Rex Turple; Pete Kellond; Murray Dochstader.
Front row (Left to right): Zoli Berenyi Jr. and Giselle Berenyi, wife and son of inductee Zoli Berenyi Sr.; Steen and Marion Hansen; Steve Baker; Bob Work.

Manitoba Motorcycle Club – Contributor

For over a century the Manitoba Motorcycle Club has been promoting the sport of Motorcycling in Winnipeg. Founded on February 21, 1911, The Manitoba Motorcycle Club is the oldest MC Club in Canada and reported to be the 4th oldest in the world. Early in the 20th Century, the sport of motorcycling was a thrilling pastime and the 40 founding members of the MMC were soon hosting social rides and endurance events. The first official run was held April 21st, 1911 followed by weekends of family rides, parades and races. Their first 50 mile … [Read more...]

Zoli Berenyi Sr. – Competitor – Contributor

Zoli Berenyi Sr. moved his family to Canada from Hungary in 1957. Motorcycles had been his primary mode of transportation in the old country and upon arrival in Edmonton he decided to take up racing Scrambles (the original MX), at age 25. He had never raced before but won his first event in the junior scramble aboard his Royal Enfield. Zoli recognized all the attention was paid to the top racers so he convinced the Canadian Motorcycle Association to allow him to move directly to the Expert class. Of course Zoli won his first expert race and … [Read more...]

Bob Work – Contributor – Tuner Race Director

“Bo” to his friends, born in 1939, grew up in East Vancouver and became involved with performance tuning drag cars and motorcycles at an early age. Bob owned many of the hi-performance motorcycles of the day, a Manx Norton, BSA Gold Star, an Ariel Red hunter and a HD KR dirt tracker that is now in the Deeley museum. He also tried his hand at all types of competition such as scrambles, road race and dirt track. These bikes all had a tendency to fall down when he raced them so Bob decided it was best that he do the tuning and leave the racing to … [Read more...]

Greg Williams – Bar and Hedy Hodgson Award

Greg is a professional writer living in Calgary, Alberta. His main area of interest is automotive and motorcycle journalism. His work is featured in numerous motorcycle publications, where readers enjoy Greg’s enthusiastic and technical descriptions. Earlier in his career Greg drove new vehicles and produced reviews that appeared in the Calgary Herald’s Driving section and a luxury auto column in Calgary, Inc. magazine. A motorcycle accident in 2004 brought his test driving days to an end, and Greg is now reliant on a high-end titanium … [Read more...]

Turple Bros. Glenn and Rex (d) – Contributors – Competitors

Central Alberta farm boy, Glenn Turple was looking for cheap transportation when he bought a used Harley in 1946. His father assumed that this preoccupation with motorcycles would be temporary even though by the following year both Glenn and his brother Rex had their own bikes. Glenn did his first long trip, a loop through Saskatchewan to Saskatoon in 1947 and by 1948 Rex began racing flat track. Even in the winter months with side cars rigs they rode, no matter the weather. They were hooked on motorcycling. When the Turple brothers realized … [Read more...]

Peter Kellond

Pete Kellond’s racing career began at Abbotsford Airport in 1957, competing on his street motorcycle, a 1957 500cc BSA Clubman Gold Star. At that first meet Pete finished 3rd overall and 1st Junior. The Westwood Racing Circuit in Coquitlam, B.C. opened July 26, 1959.  It was there the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) held its opening event which included motorcycles as a demonstration class. Pete competed on his Gold Star and again finished 3rd overall and 1st Junior. The British Columbia Motor Cycle Racing Club grew out of … [Read more...]

Steen & Marion Hansen – Builder/Contributor/Competitor

Steen and Marion Hansen emigrated from Denmark to Canada in 1959 arriving in Edmonton with $45 between them. Motorcycles had been basic transportation for them in Denmark so it was natural that they became members of the Edmonton Motorcycle Club and Steen took up scrambles racing. At the time good riding gear was not readily available locally so the Hansens began importing MX pants and boots for their fellow riders and sold product out of their basement. The basement business eventually grew into Steen Hansen Motorcycles. In 1968 they bought 3 … [Read more...]

Steve Drane – Contributor/Builder

He’s been called the Ambassador of motorcycling on Vancouver Island. His strong mechanical skills coupled with his addiction to adrenaline have contributed to a long career in competition including trials, motocross, sidecar, hillclimb, drag and road racing. To this day Steve holds the Mount Doug hillclimb record set in the 1980's aboard a 6 cylinder Honda CBX of all things. Surprisingly it is not his racing accomplishments that Steve Drane is most noted for – it is his motorcycle community philanthropy. In 1971 Steve personally helped to … [Read more...]

Murray Dochstader – Contributor Competition and Team

Murray’s family are from the Niagara Peninsula area of Ontario. In 1955, at age 11, he acquired his first Villiers moped. Over the next 10 years he rode a number of different bikes ranging from Bultaco’s to Ducati’s, BSA, Jawa and a Yamaha DT1. While riding Enduros in 1969, Murray met Hall of Fame member Helmut Clasen. After much discussion he agreed to help Helmut and George Kirkpatrick field a Canadian team for the International Six Days Enduro. Murray signed on as a competitor and team member at the 1971 ISDT on the Isle of Man. He was … [Read more...]

Steve Baker – Racer, Canadian & World Champion

As a youngster Steve Baker enjoyed riding dirt trails around his home town of Bellingham, Washington. By the time he was 16 he had taken up racing and was honing his skills up and down the West coast of the United States and Canada. In short order Steve became the top ranked novice short track and Junior TT rider in the country. By 1971 Yamaha's race director Bob Work, who had been following Steve’s dirt track success, offered him a ride on a TD2 sponsored by Canadian importer Trev Deeley Ltd. Steve took to road racing naturally and by 1973 … [Read more...]