Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - Inductees to The Class of 2012


Top row: Paul Noiseux, Jean-Sebastien Roy, Natacha Bouvier and Charles Gref (accepting for Duc Dufour), John Doherty, John Ramsay, Club Moto du Saguenay.

Bottom Row: Ellen Noiseux, Ray Gref (accpeting for Duc Dufour), Mario Duhamel, Alan Labrosse, Club Moto du Saguenay. Not pictured: Sports Motorcycle Club, Pierre Corbeil, Buddy Ford

Ed Hawkes – Historical Inductee – Class of 2012

An extraordinary dedication to motorcycling was the legacy of the long lifetime of Ed Hawkes, who died in 2007 at the age of 92. Although he was not a competitor himself, he devoted endless hours to providing organization and leadership in many aspects of the sport that benefited all participants. His readiness to help others exemplified the spirit of volunteerism that is at the heart of motorcycling activity in Canada. Hawkes was born in 1914, just weeks after the beginning of the First World War. After completing his education he bought … [Read more...]

John Doherty – Class of 2012

Storms and hurricanes are a seasonal phenomenon in Atlantic Canada, but for more than four decades the Maritime motorcycling world has been exposed to a year-round whirlwind by the name of John Doherty. John needs no introduction to anyone who has met him in the course of his long career in the motorcycle industry, or who has been exposed to his commentary over the public address system at a race track. He is the extraordinarily knowledgeable, humorous and passionate voice of the sport. John combines a depth of expertise with a commitment to … [Read more...]

Duc Dufour – Class of 2012

The name of Duc Dufour is instantly recognizable to motorcyclists across Quebec and to Harley-Davidson fans throughout North America. For more than 40 years he was the heart and soul of motorcycling in Quebec and he took his passion for the sport through his travels across Canada, the United States and Mexico. It all ended too soon in August, 2011 when Duc was involved in a collision with a car on the Trans-Labrador Highway when an oncoming truck threw up a blinding cloud of dust. Duc was 63. Duc was noted for his deep knowledge of all … [Read more...]

Mario Duhamel – Class of 2012

Being part of a famous family may help a prospective racer to open doors but once inside it takes talent to deliver the results. For Mario Duhamel family name recognition was easy and, as he proved over a 15-year racing career, the results speak for themselves. In his final 11 years and 85 races he achieved 41 first places, 11 seconds and four thirds. In addition to being a seven-time Canadian champion Mario performed on the world stage, placing as high as second overall in the prestigious French 24-hour endurance races at LeMans and Paul … [Read more...]

John Ramsay – Class of 2012

Motorcycles were an inseparable part of life for a young John Ramsay. In 1963 his father Wilfred “Woody” Ramsay became the first Honda dealer in Cape Breton when John, his fourth child, was only four years old. The motorcycle business was an offshoot of the family Esso station but nearly 50 years later the tie between the Honda brand and the Ramsay family remains as strong as ever. In between came a few brief, bright years when John Ramsay vaulted to five Canadian Motorcycle Association national road race championships. It all began, as … [Read more...]

Buddy Ford – Class of 2012

“Gasoline in the blood” is the best diagnosis of a condition that has driven at least the last four generations of the Ford family into a lifelong involvement in motorized sports. Tonight's inductee Buddy Ford is a member of that dynasty who has been the driving force behind the success of motocross, dirt track and ice racing across Quebec for more than 30 years. Buddy grew up in Trois-Rivieres, Que., where his father, Edward “Buddy” Ford was already a motorcycle and car racing legend. Edward won the CMA expert road racing championship in … [Read more...]

Paul and Ellen Noiseux – Class of 2012

What could be termed a team award goes to Paul and Ellen Noiseux for their decades of consistent participation as competitor and contributor to the development of motorcycle sport in Quebec. Both have been deeply involved in all aspects of motorcycling and Paul is one of the very few to be granted a Canadian Motorcycle Association expert licence in every competitive discipline--a remarkable achievement. Born with a competitive urge, Paul took to motorcycling early and earned his first trophy in 1955 with the Sports Motor Cycle Club. A native … [Read more...]

Club Moto Saguenay – Class of 2012

The history of the Club de Moto du Saguenay is a capsule of the history of Quebec motorcycling over the past half-century. From its founding in 1955, the club has been deeply involved in organizing most forms of motorcycle competition as well as encouraging road safety and touring, and providing service to the community in the Lac Saint-Jean region. First president of the club was Raymond Gref, who led the organization during its first four years and was inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2006. Ray's energetic leadership … [Read more...]

Pierre Corbeil – Class of 2012

Behind every successful event is a creative leader and for the long-running Montreal Supercross that leader is Pierre Corbeil. The race has been held continuously for 35 years and Pierre has been its promoter since the beginning. This year was Pierre's last, with his retirement following the 2012 event at the end of September. Since its inauguration in 1977 the supercross has drawn 1,750,000 enthusiastic spectators to the Olympic stadium for the largest motorcycle racing event in Canada. Three years elapsed before a supercross was held in … [Read more...]

Alan Labrosse – Class of 2012

Alan Labrosse has seldom been far from the excitement of racing, whether on two wheels or four, and whether at the controls himself or organizing and promoting events from trackside. He has also managed the professional careers of some of the world's top motorsports competitors. His motorcycle road racing debut in 1980 was spectacular, winning Canadian Motorcycle Association regional and national amateur championships in the 125 and 250 cc classes. He repeated his success in 1981 as an expert with wins in 125, 250 and 500 cc classes and the … [Read more...]

Jean Sebastien Roy – Class of 2012

The teenage Jean-Sebastien Roy showed an early talent for both skiing and motocross, and was fortunate enough to enjoy his parents' support for whichever sport he decided to pursue. The world of motorcycling is lucky that his decision was to focus on racing on two wheels. By the age of 15 JSR was already wowing crowds in Western Canada as well as his native Quebec, where he was born in Acton Vale in 1974. Starting his motocross career at Trois-Rivieres at age 13, he won the Canadian Motorcycle Association's 125 and 250 cc junior classes in … [Read more...]

The Sports Motorcycle Club – Class of 2012

Motorcycle clubs are the custodians of so much of our motorcycle heritage, and Montreal boasts one of the three oldest clubs in Canada. The SMCC was formed just after Christmas of 1929 as the Sports Motor Cycle Club and began its operations in 1930. Only the Victoria Motorcycle Club in British Columbia and the British Empire Motor Club in Toronto have a longer history. In the 1930s the club president conducted the meetings but it was the secretary who really ran things, and there was plenty to run. The club's regular activities included … [Read more...]

Jacob Derosier – Historical Inductee – Class of 2012

One hundred years ago, Jacob DeRosier was the most successful motorcycle racer of his time. He was perhaps the world's first factory-supported rider and was reputed to have won close to 900 races in his short lifetime. His career spanned the period of transition from early motorized bicycles to the powerful racing machines of the board-track era. DeRosier was born in the tiny Quebec village of St. Ulric, east of Rimouski, on Dec. 10, 1879 and moved with his family at age four to the United States. They lived in Massachusetts, home to the … [Read more...]