Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - Inductees to The Class of 2010


Back row (Left to right): Phil Funnell, Terry Hyde (representing the Victoria Motorcycle Club), Bob St. Goddard, Gerhard Walther, Roger Boothroyd (representing VMC), Jan McLean (accepting for her husband, Bill) and Donna Serne and Bill Vickers (both representing the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club).

Front row (Left to right): Blair Morgan, Doris Walther, Dave Wildman, Don James, Vern Amor. Missing from photo: Ross Pederson

Palmer Rutledge – Class of 2010

History has shown that one enthusiastic motorcyclist can eventually inspire dozens, even hundreds, of others to take up the sport. That is especially true when a keen rider can look back on a lifetime of more than 100 years himself. Such was the experience of the late Palmer Rutledge, who bought his first motorcycle at the age of 12 and went on to become “the bike guy” of much of the B.C. Interior. Palmer was born in Goderich, Ontario in 1903 and seven years later his family moved west, eventually settling in Nelson, B.C. There, in 1915, he … [Read more...]

Joseph Baribeau – Class of 2010

The name “Wild Joe Baribeau” wasn’t the invention of a manager or publicity agent; he came by it honestly, being named by the newspapers of the day. If the name Joe Baribeau isn’t familiar to most of us today it’s because a full 100 years have passed since his racing career was in its ascendancy, but his accomplishments are no less remarkable. Joe Baribeau was a homegrown hero of the stature of motorcycle racing legends like Maldwyn Jones, Cannonball Baker and Jake DeRosier, but he lived, worked and raced here in Canada. He overshadowed his … [Read more...]

Victoria Motorcycle Club – Class of 2010

  When the situation demands, you learn to make your own fun, and so it’s been with the motorcyclists of Victoria for more than 100 years. Being in what was a rather isolated location in 1906, the city’s riders banded together with local automobile enthusiasts to form an association that would promote their own interests and events. That early beginning lasted for six years until May 1912 when the Victoria Motorcycle Club was formed with a membership of 21. A news report of the day in Canadian Motor Cycle magazine contained a photo of … [Read more...]

Dave Wildman – Class of 2010

Probably the reason Dave Wildman has got so much out of motorcycling is that he put so much into it. From early days onwards he’s been drawn by the thrill of competition. During his teenage years Dave was a spectator at the Brands Hatch race track not far from his home in his native England. He watched the likes of a young Stirling Moss long before he became the world-famous Sir Stirling, and the seed was planted for his own racing career that took a few more years to materialize. Dave and his new bride Pat emigrated to Canada for better … [Read more...]

Tom Walther & Family – Class of 2010

A motorcycling family through and through, the Walthers have embraced life on two wheels for the last 60 years. Not long after the Second World War ended, Gerhard Walther bought his first motorcycle, an Austrian-made 250 cc Puch, and entered his first race on a course through the streets of his home town in Neustadt, Germany. He later graduated to a 300 cc Horex and eventually a Triumph Tiger 100 on which he and his wife Doris rode across Europe. Gerhard and Doris emigrated to Canada in 1957. Two years later the Triumph was shipped from … [Read more...]

Bob St. Goddard – Class of 2010

In 1965, with his second year of fine arts studies at the University of Manitoba set to begin, Bob St. Goddard made a life-changing decision. Would it be university tuition or a Triumph street bike? The bug had bitten and the Triumph won. A couple of years earlier, two significant events had taken place in Bob’s life. He met Willimena (Willie) his wife to be, and he acquired his first motorcycle, a Honda 50 Sport. His love affair with motorcycles and Willie had begun. The following year Bob moved up to an 80 cc Suzuki, joined the Manitoba … [Read more...]

Ross Pederson – Class of 2010

The record says simply that Ross Pederson was the best Canadian motocross racer of all time. The numbers are astounding: 38 CMA national championships, 13 No. 1 plates and three times winner of the CMA’s prestigious White Memorial Trophy. For 13 years the Alberta ace was the dominant figure in Canada. Without the benefit of a factory-prepared motorcycle Ross still consistently placed in the top 10 in U.S. national championship motocross, supercross and arenacross events any time he chose to enter. American teams rarely selected foreign-born … [Read more...]

Blair Morgan – Class of 2010

Blair Morgan hit the sports of motocross and snocross racing like a prairie storm, setting records, winning championships and thrilling fans who responded by calling him Superman. The nickname derived from his airborne antics on a machine but also applied to his winning ways. He won nine Canadian motocross championships, multiple snocross world championships and a record five winter X Games snocross titles. Blair’s record includes wins in 84 national final races. He also launched his own clothing line and is featured in a Playstation 2 video … [Read more...]

Bill McLean – Class of 2010

Bill McLean was known to his great many friends as the man who did it all: motorcycle racer, national champion, motocross instructor, race team manager, product planner, No. 1 retailer, sponsor and family man. Along the way he had other nicknames like King of the Dump, Mr. Yamaha and Billy Boy, but was always the man at the peak of a pyramid of friends. Learning to ride a motorcycle at age 16 in the local landfill near his home in Burnaby, B.C., he soon showed the spark that led to his later success and gained the title King of the Dump. … [Read more...]

Don James – Class of 2010

In 1973, when Trev Deeley was asked to become the exclusive distributor of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Canada, his business partner Don James was involved from the start. Together, the two men transformed the retail motorcycle business in this country and made Canada one of the top markets for Harley-Davidson in the world. In the beginning, the business sold just a few motorcycles through a handful of dealers. Today the company has 71 authorized retailers with 78 store fronts and the brand dominates the heavy-weight motorcycle market in … [Read more...]

GVMC – Class of 2010

Energy and longevity are the hallmarks of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club, whose motto is “For the betterment of motorcycling.” The GVMC has been an integral part of the motorcycle community since 1922, when it was launched as the Lions Gate Motorcycle Club with Fred Deeley as one of the founding members. Meetings were held upstairs from the Deeley car and motorcycle dealership. Three generations of the Deeley family have been members of the GVMC over the years. In 1931 the Lions Gate club merged with the Big Four Motorcycle Club to form … [Read more...]

Phil Funnel – Class of 2010

Long before the term “adventure touring” came into the motorcycling vocabulary, Phil Funnell was out there doing it–around the world in the most challenging ways he could find. Phil was a restless spirit when he arrived in Canada in 1966 and the BMW R50 he’d bought new already had 300,000 miles on it. Those were miles, not kilometres, and at the age of 30 he’d already covered much of the world. A native of Croydon, England, Phil began motorcycling innocently enough on a 150 cc Triumph Terrier–perhaps a bit of a dog for an eager 16 year … [Read more...]

Vern Amor – Class of 2010

You don’t win close to 1,000 trophies racing motorcycles without taking a few risks, and Vern Amor counted 28 broken bones in his first 27 years of competition. “I used to be pretty wild,” he told an interviewer in 1977. “I road raced a Greeves at Westwood and touched a footpeg in a corner, going end-over-end and into a ditch. I got a broken right shoulder and didn’t do any more road racing after that.” It didn’t stop him from doing pretty much everything else, and the light weight of the 250 cc Greeves made it well suited for scrambles, … [Read more...]