Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - Inductees to The Class of 2009


Back row (Left to right): John Williams; Carl Bastedo; Canadian Race Communications Association president Marty Cooper; John Varga, representing the Steel City Riders; Bar Hodgson.

Front row (Left to right): Jim Sehl; Sheila, wife of the late Don McHugh; Ivor Lloyd; Duane McDaniels; Ken Morgan.

Ron and Eve White – Class of 2009

It would be extremely rare to have had anything to do with motorcycling during the fifties, sixties and early seventies, and not heard the names Ron & Eve White, the backbone of the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and sometimes referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Motorcycle in Canada. Ron'™s first experience in motorcycling was riding pillion on an army sidecar Harley while serving with the Toronto Scottish Regiment during the Second World War. He went overseas in September, 1939 and returned in 1945. During this time he picked up many … [Read more...]

Bill Sharpless – Class of 2009

Bill modestly credits his successful career in racing, not to his talent, but to a passion for motorcycles, a life-long love affair beginning at age 16 in 1950. He rode street bikes as a chief means of transportation for thirty years and owned and/or rode over 50 different motorcycles on the street and in competition. Bill Sharpless Historical from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. Scrambles, Enduros, Trials, Road Racing, Dirt Track and Ice Racing“ in a career that spanned twenty-two years“ Bill Sharpless rode them all. He approached … [Read more...]

J. Graham Oates – Class of 2009

Graeme Oats Historical from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. It has been said that Graham Oates was one of the bulldog breed who once set their mind to a task, however onerous, will see it through. In an action packed career that spanned over two decades, he carved an unique niche for himself in the world of motorcycling. Also known as Jimmy, Oates was born in 1897 at Douglas, Isle of Man. From birth, Graham suffered from asthma and while a despatch rider in WWI, he was caught in a gas attack, resulting in the loss of his left … [Read more...]

George Davis – Class of 2009

Dedication and generosity were hallmarks of the career of the late George Davis, who was a passionate supporter of motorcycling for most of his 84 years. He was a pillar of motorcycle sport in Quebec and played a vital role in launching the legendary racing career of Yvon Duhamel. On the heels of Duhamel, George continued his winning ways mentoring motocrosser Ron Keys until 1974. George was a native of Northern Ireland, and at age 21, he and two of his brothers emigrated from Belfast in 1927 to settle in Montreal. A sister and third brother … [Read more...]

John Williams – Class of 2009

Motorcycle hillclimbing is one of the most visceral and dramatic sports ever invented. There'?s no time for contemplation as you aim a bucking and screaming multi-cylinder machine burning an explosive brew of nitromethane up a hill side that'?s almost too steep to walk, hoping to leap 400 feet to the top in a scant six seconds. That's the sort of gentle pursuit at which John Williams excelled for more than 35 years. Ken Morgan from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. John is the only Canadian ever to win a world championship in any form … [Read more...]

Steel City Riders – Class of 2009

Steel City RidersâÂ?Â? was started in 1947 as the Flying Midgets since the rival club, The Blackhawks, did not want members with smaller bikes. Most of the Flying Midgets had 125cc machines, so they formed their own club, affiliated with the CMA in 1953, and remain a CMA club, to date. In 1955, the name was changed to the Steel City Riders, reflecting Hamilton'?s steel manufacturing Industry. During the early years of the club, members raced what they brung, as the saying goes. Many competed in several racing disciplines; motocross, dirt … [Read more...]

Jimmy Sehl – Class of 2009

A successful race tuner in Canada must be the soul of generosity, as otherwise few or none could afford his services. Neither purse money nor sponsor dollars, especially in earlier days, could provide adequate compensation for the endless hours of solitary effort that go into building a winning machine. If they truly counted their time, most race mechanics would find minimum wage something to look forward to. Ken Morgan from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. Pursuing the next race win, year after year and decade after decade, with a … [Read more...]

Ken Morgan – Class of 2009

The unsung heroes of motorcycling are the legions of selfless instructors across Canada who volunteer their weekends and evenings to training newcomers to our sport in safe riding techniques. Behind them, however, must be a structure and a team of professionals to organize these classes on a regional, provincial and national level and ensure consistent delivery of an appropriate training program. Ken Morgan from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. Finally, giving shape and leadership to that structure is someone at the top who … [Read more...]

Don McHugh – Class of 2009

For a guy who raced in white leathers and drove a white convertible Cadillac, Don McHugh was one of the most colourful riders in Canadian dirt track history. He was a consummate showman who never saw a crowd he didn't enjoy entertaining. Don McHugh on Vimeo. Born in Toronto in 1930, the youngest of four children, Don was a willful 17-year-old when he rode his first motorcycle race on the sands of Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay. He was under-age for racing and his mother only learned of his exploits by seeing his name in the local … [Read more...]

Duane McDaniels – Class of 2009

As the 1960s were ending, Duane McDaniels was at the top of his game, and that game was motorcycle road racing. With immaculately-prepared white Yamahas from his sponsors, Twin K Sports and Fred Deeley Ltd., Duane crossed the border from his home in Michigan and won the Canadian No. 1 plate three years running. Then, in 1972, as quickly as he'd arrived at the top, Duane decided to move on to other sports, and we didn't see him again. Dwayne McDaniels from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. It may have seemed abrupt but, in fact, his … [Read more...]

Ivor Lloyd – Class of 2009

West Hill, Ontario A loss for Wales was a gain for Canada when Ivor Lloyd decided to emigrate with his young family to Canada in 1957. At age 30, he was an accomplished road racer at the peak of his career but, instead, he chose a life in Canada with his wife, Molly, and one-year-old son, Irv. Ivor took a year to get his bearings and then soon reached the heights of the Canadian racing scene, where he was a dominant figure for many years. Ivor Lloyd Induction Ceremony 2009 from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. Ivor's riding … [Read more...]

Bar Hodgson – Class of 2009

Ashburn, Ontario Occupying a unique position in Canadian motorcycling, Bar Hodgson has immersed himself in two-wheel sport and business for more than 50 years. Among many qualifications is his role as founder of the Canadian International Motorcycle Heritage Museum Foundation, whose hospitality we enjoy this evening. Bar Hodgson from Northern Ontario Motorcycle on Vimeo. Born in Toronto in 1938, Bar wasted little time in deciding that motorcycles were for him. The year 1953 heralded a number of events: the notorious film, The Wild … [Read more...]

CRCA – Canada Race Communications Association – Class of 2009

Shannonville, Ontario The 50th anniversary of the Canadian Race Communications Association is a landmark in Canadian motorsports. CRCA enjoys a long and honourable history of dedication to trackside safety that began in March, 1959 and continues to this day. It has made possible the last half-century of competition on two, three and four wheels, up to and including world championship motorcycle and Formula 1 auto racing. Without CRCA's trained volunteers at trackside, these events simply could not happen. Ken Morgan from Northern Ontario … [Read more...]

Carl Bastedo – Class of 2009

Chatsworth, Ontario Carl Bastedo has been an outstanding performer in almost every aspect of Canadian motorcycling, although always with a leaning toward off-road competition. He's been a passionate contributor to the categories of competitor, team builder, sponsor, educator, promoter and marketer for more than 50 years. He is still going strong as owner of Motopark, the long-running motorcycle recreational facility near Owen Sound, Ontario, and as manager for Canada's team in the international Motocross of Nations. Ken Morgan from … [Read more...]