Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - Inductees to The Class of 2008


Back row (Left to right): Michel Mercier; British Empire Motor Club president Robert McCallum; Ron Keys; Tom Faulds; Rudi Zacsko, Sr.; Doug Sehl.

Front row (Left to right): Bob Kelly`s son, Brad; Audrey Alexandre; Rose Goulet, wife of the late Dave Goulet; Bud Koehler; Glenna German, wife of the late Gerry German; Harry Watts, (representing the Military Motorcycle Riders).

Rudi Zacsko Snr. – Class of 2008

Edmonton, Alberta. Rudi Zacsko Sr. is one of those people destined to change the face of motorcycling wherever he goes. Canadas good fortune is that Rudi and his family elected after the Hungarian revolution of 1956 to build a new life here. He had noted on a map that Edmonton was close to the Rocky Mountains, and since his arrival in Canada in 1957 motorcycling and the great outdoors have been his life. Not inclined to think small, Rudi resumed the riding habit he had enjoyed in Hungary by buying a 500 cc Norton ES2, which was a big … [Read more...]

Doug Sehl – Class of 2008

Stillwell, OK, USA. A rider of huge talent in a multitude of disciplines, Doug Sehl was able to race and win in motocross, ice racing, road racing and, of course, his most famous endeavour, dirt track. His motorcycle tuning and preparation skills over the years have also been widely admired. Born into a racing family, Doug had motorcycling in the blood. His father Wilf was a former motorcycle racer, and older brothers Jim and Dave were showing what the next generation could do. Dougs riding career began at age eight on a little 125 cc … [Read more...]

Military Motorcycle Riders – Class of 2008

Canada. We have adapted our script from the preface to the book, The Winged Wheel Patch, A History of the Canadian Military Motorcycle and Rider by Max Burns and the late Ken Messenger. It was the first serious effort to document the contribution of military motorcyclists to the defence of our country. Not long into the 1900s, the motorcycle and its rider became an integral part of Canadas military establishment. This fact has largely been overlooked by both motorcycle buffs and historians. Dedicated bike enthusiasts tend to focus solely … [Read more...]

Michel Mercier – Class of 2008

Adstock, Quebec. The racing resume of Michel Joseph Francois Maurice Mercier is so vast as to make even his lengthy name look like a mere exclamation point. One of the true legends of Canadian motorcycling, Michel not only reached his own pinnacle of success in the varied disciplines of motocross, ice racing, dirt track and road racing but he also helped propel many of our top racers to winning careers through his FAST Riding School at Shannonville Motorsport Park. From the days of his youth in Thetford Mines, Que., Michel turned first to … [Read more...]

Buddy Koehler – Class of 2008

New Dundee, Ontario. Garnet (Bud) Koehler was 13 when he was offered his first ride on a motorcycle.  He had been admiring a 350 cc Triumph Speed Twin owned by a stranger in town. Bud was born and raised in New Dundee, Ont., and was always attracted to motorcycles. By age 16 he purchased his first, a 250 cc BSA from Reinhart Bros. in Kitchener. It was not long before he was hanging around Gus Booths motorcycle shop in Galt and began participating in scrambles and other events at Sages farm. In the late 1940s he joined the Blue Diamond … [Read more...]

Ron Keys – Class of 2008

Newcastle, Ontario. One of the most naturally talented riders ever to race a motorcycle, Ron Keys went straight out of the gate to excel at his chosen sport, motocross. Unlike some child prodigies, Ron had never been on a motorcycle until just before his 19th birthday. A few weeks after buying his first bike, a 305 cc Honda Super Hawk, he rode it to the local scrambles track and began beating all comers. The next year, 1966, Ron joined the Canadian Motorcycle Association and gained his competition licence. The Honda was his sole means of … [Read more...]

Robert Kelly – Class of 2008

Caledonia, Ontario. As a kid, Bob Kelly thought fast cars were the best things going--until he had his first ride on a motorcycle. A ride around the neighbourhood on his brothers Triumph was enough to convince him otherwise. It was not long before Bob had a street bike of his own, but as his interests shifted toward off-road competition Bob had to have a dirt bike to race against his friends. That was in 1957, and by the following year he became no less than national champion in the 200 cc scrambles class on his Greeves, the first of its … [Read more...]

Dave Goulet – Class of 2008

David Goulet, who passed away in 2007, served in the Canadian Navy for 33 years, but had a second career teaching rider training, first in Halifax since 1975 and then in Toronto after moving there in 1989. He soon became a chief instructor for the Canada Safety Council and a coordinating instructor for Humber College. In 2001 he was elected to the board of directors for the Motorcycle Touring Association. Andy Hertel, manager of the Humber College motorcycle rider training programme, says of David, “In performing his duties as a chief … [Read more...]

Gerry German – Class of 2008

Brampton, Ontario (deceased). Although he passed away in October of 2001, Gerald Kirk German is still fondly remembered by a legion of associates and admirers for his ardent devotion to the cause of motorcycle safety and riders rights. His advocacy, leadership and good judgment placed him in the forefront of efforts to improve road safety and fair treatment for motorcyclists across Ontario. Gerry didnot come to be a motorcyclist himself until age 38, when he bought an 80 cc Yamaha street bike. He progressed through a Kawasaki 250 cc … [Read more...]

Tom Faulds – Class of 2008

St. Thomas, Ontario. A man of many accomplishments, Tom Faulds has devoted most of his personal and professional life to motorcycling in Canada.  The first Canadian employee of Honda Canada, he used the technical training received in his native Scotland to help build customer satisfaction and develop the expertise of Honda dealers across Canada. Tom eventually reached the rank of senior vice-president in a career that covered service, sales, technical training and government relations. On the personal side, he pursued a love for road racing … [Read more...]

BEMC British Empire Motor Club – Class of 2008

Toronto, Ontario. The British Empire Motor Club hit the ground running a mere 80 years ago and immediately began to play a vital role in the growth of motorcycling as we know it today. As the name implies, it was launched to promote British motorcycles and the types of events to which they were best suited. American brands already were well represented here and the American Motorcycle Association was involved in sanctioning a growing number of competition events in Canada. Canadians who thought this was an unhealthy trend banded together in … [Read more...]

Audrey Alexandre – Class of 2008

Welland, Ontario. In 1999, Audrey Alexandre was recognized by Harley-Davidson, Inc.,  for her 50 continuous years of owning and riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. For a woman who began riding in 1946 it was quite an accomplishment.  Born and raised in Welland, Ont., Audrey started riding when womens rights were not clearly established. Many didnot even drive cars, but the Second World War was the catalyst that liberated them. Audreys love of all things motorcycle began with riding as a passenger with her dad. By age 17 she had her own … [Read more...]