Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - Inductees to The Class of 2006


Left to right: Stan Bradbury, Joe Godsell, President of Inductee Canadian Motorcycle Association; Lang Hindle; Dawne Deeley, daughter of inductee the late Trev Deeley; Don Munroe; Gracie Nelson, wife of inductee the late John Nelson; Gerry Marshall, Ray Gref, Jim Bentley, Wesley Pierce of inductee Welland County Motorcycle Club, Terry Healy, son of inductee the late Walt Healey, Blair Sharpless.

Blair Sharpless – Class of 2006

The Sharpless family is another special group of Canadian motorcycling families. Their individual and collective accomplishments in the motorcycle enduro competitions are a great source of pride for all Canadians. Bill Sharpless, (father) was a multiple champion in many disciplines and is honourable member of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame. Toni and Todd were both competent riders and have had their share of successes. The accomplishments of Blair Sharpless are as follows: 17 National Championships 18 Provincial Championships 10 … [Read more...]

Welland Motorcycle Club – Class of 2006

In the 2006 schedule of events for the Welland County Motorcycle Club you will see among other things, their 19th Annual Poki-Barbi-Dan, (this is a combined Poker Run, barbecue and dance, and obviously a lot of fun), a National Championship Trial, a “Help A Child Smile” Breakfast & Charity Fund Raising Ride, a World Championship Hare & Hounds, and the Paul Travis memorial Mystery Tour. Add to this a full slate of the popular CMA sanctioned Speedway and Dirt track events with some of the top riders in the country, and you quickly come to … [Read more...]

John Nelson – Class of 2006

On the Canadian road racing scene in the late 1950’s through to perhaps the mid 1960’s, one name you would consistently see among the top runners was John Nelson. The British machinery of the day however, (the now highly prized and very collectable Manx Norton’s and Matchless G45 & G50 models), which John raced at that time was showing its age and becoming more of a challenge to maintain and keep competitive. Enter the Japanese era! John easily made the transition to the more modern, faster, lighter Yamaha and Honda race machines. In … [Read more...]

Don Munroe – Class of 2006

Don Munroe is the son of Dave Munroe, one of the founders of Atlantic Motorsport Park in beautiful Nova Scotia. In his own right, Dave was a very successful racer, and is co-owner of a large Halifax motorcycle dealership Pro Cycle. So naturally Don Munroe was around motorcycles at a very early age, and apparently took to them like fish to water! After learning to ride on small bikes, Don started competing at AMP in 1986 on a Honda RS125. Perhaps foretelling was yet to come, Don won the CMA 125GP and 250 GP Championships in 1986 at Gimli … [Read more...]

Gerry Marshall – Class of 2006

For most of his life Gerry Marshall from Pointe Clare, Quebec has been a passionate motorcyclist. He has dedicated his time, energy, and enthusiasm to promoting and fostering the sport of motorcycling in Canada. From 1959–1963 Gerry served as a Senior Official (Secretary and President), of the Sports Motorcycle Club in Montreal. Founded in 1929, the SMC is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Canada, and one of the Founding Clubs of the CMA. From 1961–1967 often doing double duty, Gerry was a Senior Official, again President, of the CMA … [Read more...]

Lang Hindle – Class of 2006

Like many racers, Lang Hindle started on his out as a mechanic. His interest quickly expanded to the world of racing, and in 1969 on a 650 BSA he made his first attempt at it on the famous Mosport circuit. Finding it very much to his liking, Lang next acquired a BSA Rocket 3 and embarked on racing career that was to see him achieve considerable success not only as an accomplished racer but also as a successful businessman, gaining world wide recognition in the process! Through 1970-72, Lang continued to race the now highly modified BSA, … [Read more...]

Walt Healy – Class of 2006

1913 - 2001 Calgary, Alberta native Walt Healy was actively involved in motorcycling for over 71 years and achieved a great deal. He was an accomplished competitor, and a long time motorcycle dealer. Walt’s’ lifelong involvement in motorcycling began when he had his own delivery service in 1929-30, using a Henderson four motorcycle with a sidecar attached. Needing to buy a better machine, he went to the local motorcycle dealer to order a new Indian 45 and sidecar. The dealer apparently said to Walt, “If you can afford to buy a new Indian and … [Read more...]

Raymond Gref – Class of 2006

Raymond Gref of Montreal, Quebec in particular the name Raymond Gref is as synonymous with motorcycles and motorcycling in the Province of Quebec and indeed across Canada and the USA as Harley is with Davidson. There is automatic connection, as for more than 50 years Raymond Gref has been, as indeed he is today a central and leading figure in motorcycling in Quebec. Raymond inherited an interest in motorcycles from his dad Charlie, who was a musician, a drummer. Charlie used to play for various orchestras in Montreal and he transported his … [Read more...]

Trevor Deeley – Class of 2006

In a few short years, Trevor Deeley began racing. He went on to become be a formidable competitor in all types of competition, but mainly dirt track on his famous #22 Harley-Davidson. In the early days Trev like everyone else, worked on his own race bikes, towed his machine on a simple open trailer behind his car, slept in the car, and coming from the northwest coast travelled the long distances to racing events all over Canada and USA. Trev went on to serve on the AMA Competition Committee from the late 1940s through to the early 1970s. Not a … [Read more...]

Canadian Motorcycle Association – Class of 2006

Established in 1946, the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) was in essence the beginning of organized motorcycle sport on a national level in Canada. This is where it basically all began, and for six decades, the CMA has continuously provided the forum from which numerous Canadian motorcycle competitors developed and honed their skills in virtually every competitive discipline. It is in this area where the CMA shines and stands alone! Many of these Champions excelled not only in competition in Canada, but also on the International stage, … [Read more...]

Stan Bradbury – Class of 2006

For anyone who has witnessed the spectacle of Canadian Speedway racing, names such as John Kehoe, Len Dillon, and their counterparts evokes some pretty spectacular images on the race track! Consider that these bicycle like framed 500cc machines are reported to have acceleration on a par with a Formula One car, have no brakes, no rear suspension and no gears. And, depending on the rules structure, may run on methanol for increased power output! Running on dirt tracks, they spend most of the time in a controlled full lock drift under full power … [Read more...]

Jim Bentley – Founder, Ride for Sight – Class of 2006

In many ways, Ride For Sight has become one of the finest brands in the motorcycling community, a charity that evokes pride and reflects the very best of Canadian motorcycling”. This fitting comment comes from Sharon Colle. National Director of The Foundation For Fighting Blindness. What exactly is the Ride For Sight and where did it all begin? For many years, Ride For Sight has had the distinction of being Canada’s largest charity motorcycle event, as well as being a leading source of funds for vision research. The first ride was organized … [Read more...]